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Lista zmian 6.20:

Added option to enable Venture Extension in offline game to allow access to exclusive venture objects.

Added option to start Boron Story by talking to Numanckaret on Wayfinder ship.

Added possibility to get NPCs from DLC races as reward for terraforming competition projects.

Added indicator line for steering direction in mouse steering mode.

Added option to re-enable mouse steering automatically.

Added remaining time element to interactive events.

Added option to choose Start menu background scene.

Added Start Game button to New Game menu.

Added hotkey control mapping to trigger Teleport.

Added tooltips for available Interact menu option hotkeys.

Added functionality to Interact menu hotkey to also now close Interact menu again.

Added shortcut option to assign player-owned Builder ship to construction site in Interact menu.

Added Czech localisation.

Changed name of Advanced Gameplay tutorial to Additional Gameplay.

Changed interactive events on target monitor to not disappear while game paused.

Changed ware filters in Map menu to only be active when trade filter enabled.

Changed Boron Ray Ion Projector to prevent shots from charging up while still cooling down from previous one.

Improved Queen's Herald gamestart description by adding warning that Boron story will be skipped.

Improved Nav Beacon handling and mission objective description for Blazing the Trail mission of Boron story.

Improved dialogue handling for Propositions and Negotiations mission of Boron story.

Improved station construction tutorial in Additional Gameplay scenario.

Improved balancing of generic Escort mission.

Improved police response to hostile activity in sectors they are responsible for.

Improved stations transferring excess earnings to player's account.

Improved AutoTrade with ships that have Mirage hull mod.

Improved reliability of NPC ships responding to distress calls.

Improved combat behavior of fighters carrying mines.

Improved mines by disabling explosion if hit by bullets before reaching safety distance from launching object.

Improved capital ship combat targeting behavior against stations.

Improved gate traversal while attacking.

Improved capital ship movement when clearing gates on transition.

Improved docking with moving ships.

Improved police response to EMP attacks on stations.

Improved reliability of capital ships parking at one another to trade.

Improved conversation options when talking with pilots belonging to player faction.

Improved lighting in Boron Start menu background scene.

Improved asteroid explosions.

Improved various sounds by adding muffling effect based on distance from the source.

Fixed foreign ship stuck in player's fleet after The High Road mission.

Fixed player's wingmate unintentionally disappearing from his ship in Solborn Militia and Yaki plots.

Fixed case of ZYA fighters not attacking freighter during Report to Slave Trader 2 mission of Split Story.

Fixed Yu t'Knk sometimes being missing during End of Oppression mission of Split story.

Fixed wrong mission guidance during Rebellious Thralls mission of Split story.

Fixed player ships not being created if player is below docking relations during Seem Valuable and Zyarth's Coffin missions of Split story.

Fixed Sanctuary of Darkness highway activating when linear highways are disabled in Creative Custom Gamestart.

Fixed Sanctuary of Darkness highway not activating automatically in Budgeted Custom Gamestart.

Fixed Casino welfare module not being unlocked after selecting it for Custom Gamestart.

Fixed Boron story Custom Gamestart unlock states not updating when loading save.

Fixed The Fan story starting even if it was set to be complete in Custom Gamestart.

Fixed Split story stalling in certain Custom Gamestarts.

Fixed some Trinity jobs and missions wrongly assuming Trinity has been formed.

Fixed Gate Charging animation continuing after Heretic's End Gate Opening cutscene was aborted.

Fixed Diplomatic Outpost mission selecting wrong player station for transfer by allowing them to select station in Boron Story.

Fixed Numanckaret not ending conversation after Queen's Audience in Boron story.

Fixed Boron story mission offer call and email still happening in Queen's Herald Game Start.

Fixed Nila Ti's unmanned ship remaining after Queen's Reception in Boron Story.

Fixed Nila dropping unlimited Spacesuit Bombs in Astronomical Observations mission.

Fixed case of Boron Story not progressing after Stellar Observation cutscene in Astronomical Observations mission.

Fixed A Return to Normal Order mission spawning lasertowers that are hostile to nearby station.

Fixed excessive voice spam when player scans wrong ship in High-Tech Hold-Up mission.

Fixed Trade Obstruction mission sometimes losing briefing text and objectives if conversation is started.

Fixed not being able to bring Axiom back to Arcadian Endeavour in M or L-sized ships in Blueprint Data Theft mission.

Fixed Dal sometimes not starting Covert Operations plot when prompted.

Fixed incorrect behaviour of item traders and station interiors during Heretic's End HQ introduction.

Fixed some mission clients on docks having excessive skills and having hiring price.

Fixed excessive player ship speed after loading savegame.

Fixed charging weapons cooling down while they are holding shots to be released.

Fixed ship repair not prioritizing wrecked engines.

Fixed ships refusing to attack Mk1 lasertowers.

Fixed capital ships stopping main battery fire while in combat.

Fixed ships sometimes having trouble docking at extremely large player stations.

Fixed ships sometimes getting stuck in loop of storing and retrieving.

Fixed ships sometimes being moved to internal storage before finishing docking.

Fixed dock assignment persisting when stopping control of ship.

Fixed ships without docking computer not docking if below target height.

Fixed wharves sometimes not freeing up docking bays for additional ship construction.

Fixed capital ships sometimes repeatedly turning in combat and not getting chance to move.

Fixed excessive rotation speed of capital ships after collisions.

Fixed being able to lower elevator of certain ships before they finish docking.

Fixed transporter room transition breaking when player jumps.

Fixed physics mass being too low for certain objects such as asteroids.

Fixed station account exploit when station given to another faction.

Fixed not being able to upgrade player-controlled ship with Repeat orders default behaviour.

Fixed mining ships refusing to mine in their commander's hazardous sector unless they have no choice.

Fixed capital-class trade ships sometimes failing to trade with fleet auxiliary ships when they should be able to.

Fixed transport drones of player-controlled capital ships collecting crates containing wares that ship cannot carry.

Fixed rare issue that could result in HQ not requesting sufficient terraforming resources.

Fixed resources that are also used for terraforming or research sometimes not being bought in sufficient amounts.

Fixed stations that require 0 credits never transferring excess earnings to the player account.

Fixed Boron Shipyards not paying appropriate price for Water.

Fixed Vigor Syndicate raiding parties concentrating at Windfall.

Fixed Tidebreak station not having any NPCs walking around.

Fixed ships sometimes waiting for signal while already in Avarice in response to tide warning.

Fixed Advanced Composite factory being hard to hit by NPC controlled ships.

Fixed escape pods being treated as targets for attack under certain circumstances.

Fixed escape pods appearing hostile when they shouldn't be.

Fixed ships moving to attack, but not firing upon, targets that they are not authorised to attack.

Fixed police sometimes mistaking compliance for refusal to comply.

Fixed ships failing to dock at some stations with covered dock areas.

Fixed ships having trouble docking at very large stations from some positions.

Fixed player space suit weapon groups being reset after teleporting during space walk.

Fixed hacking of turret control panels not affecting missile turrets.

Fixed some cases of characters warping after using lift on Boron ships.

Fixed M ships sometimes not being able to undock from stations with only one M docking bay.

Fixed busy shipyards being indefinitely blocked by docked capital ships if their build is scheduled behind others.

Fixed trade ware buy/sell offers being removed when disabling manual buy/sell amount.

Fixed being able to reassign croupier NPCs via the station info menu.

Fixed long delay before NPCs appear on some stations.

Fixed wharves and shipyards potentially having multiple ship dealer shops with only one having anyone serving.

Fixed trade station dock areas on player stations sometimes not having any shops.

Fixed player-owned black market trader sometimes appearing on player HQ.

Fixed getting stuck in floor when getting up under certain circumstances.

Fixed ships that were on ventures when Multiverse Team Seasons beta testing ended sometimes not returning properly.

Fixed Yasur spawned from online inventory not applying default paint mod.

Fixed Venture inventory items sometimes not being available in new games.

Fixed Queendom of Boron and Duke's Buccaneers not being enemies.

Fixed player relations towards Provinces Adrift/Queendom of Boron not updating correctly under certain circumstances.

Fixed Bob the Builder Achievement in saves where it had triggered beta testing.

Fixed not being able to switch live stream view channels in some cases.

Fixed inconsistency in mining behavior between viewing miner in live stream view and being in same sector.

Fixed very long story messages not being displayed correctly.

Fixed missions listed multiple times in Interact menu under certain circumstances.

Fixed missing resource options in Station Configuration menu under certain circumstances.

Fixed menu crash when upgrading multiple ships in Ship Configuration menu under certain circumstances.

Fixed Processing Modules not showing products and resources in Station Configuration menu.

Fixed trade wares being removed when removing buy and sell offer in Logical Station Overview menu.

Fixed fleet sector in Map menu being shown incorrectly under certain circumstances.

Fixed identical upgrades not being preserved under certain circumstances when upgrading multiple ships in Ship Upgrade menu.

Fixed selected object not being shown in Object Information section of Map menu under certain circumstances.

Fixed Object Information of Map menu sometimes not loading when querying some S or M ships.

Fixed transaction information for Faction Representative trade menus being too small.

Fixed menu sliders not correctly registering clicks under certain circumstances.

Fixed jittering target elements in external view under certain circumstances.

Fixed not being able to target super highway gates in Map menu.

Fixed target element for stored-away ship appearing in middle of screen.

Fixed Select all Sectors option in Custom Gamestart Editor selecting hidden and disabled options.

Fixed order of subordinates in tooltips when assigning roles being inconsistent.

Fixed missing control mode messages under certain circumstances.

Fixed human characters looking distorted when leaning on table.

Fixed not being able to select all objects from Peregrine cockpit.

Fixed wrecks in debris fields fading out too early.

Fixed visual issue with Boron S mining laser.

Fixed strange text in some Boron sector backgrounds.

Fixed seam in Menelaus Oasis background.

Fixed silicon carbide production module visually jumping when getting closer.

Fixed overly dark dockarea on Argon Colossus with reflection probes enabled.

Fixed paint decals appearing dirty.

Fixed player logo glow.

Fixed graphical issues with some AMD driver versions.

Fixed repeating row-change sounds in Map menu under certain circumstances.

Fixed beam sounds to originate from beam instead of weapon.

Fixed certain sounds being too loud while the game is saving.

Fixed controllers drifting in low framerate situations under Linux.

Fixed game hanging in fullscreen cutscenes under certain circumstances.

Fixed possible freeze when manually docking ship that has trade order loop.

Fixed memory leak resulting in out of memory errors in very long play sessions.

Fixed rare crash when buying ships with crew.

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