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Patch 2.0

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#1 piotr111


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Napisano 26 luty 2019 - 00:12

Dziś Wszedł patch 2.0 najciekawsze patch notes (przepraszam w języku barbarzyńskim)
  • New Feature: Player-owned stations with Shipyard, Wharf and Equipment Dock facilities.
  • Added options to set custom name for savegames and to delete savegames.
  • Added ware exchange between ships docked at the same station.
  • Added possibility to start/stop travel mode and SETA while map is open.
  • Added warnings about non-working venture modules due to station layout.
  • Added fighter wings directly subordinate to carriers.
  • Added display of partial skill stars to one third of a star accuracy.
  • Added preview of ship storage capacity after all planned trades to info menu.
  • Added trade menu warning that ware is not available after all planned trades.
  • Added separate Remove all Orders and Wait option, replacing parameter to Remove all Orders.
  • Added failure sound when invalid hotkey is used while map is displayed.
  • Added confirmation before closing station build menu if there are unsaved changes.
  • Added tooltip for greyed-out claim option to show reason.
  • Added full Russian and Japanese localisation (text only).
  • Added more details about damage types to weapon and turret entries in Encyclopedia.
  • Added skill-based variants for AutoMine behaviour.
  • Removed duplicated equipment blueprints from trader menu.
  • Improved Xenon threat.
  • Improved turret aiming and target movement prediction.
  • Improved combat movement of frigates.
  • Improved combat movement of capital ships with good captains and crews that do not have forward-mounted weapons against other capital ships or stations.
  • Improved capital ship combat movement against small and medium targets.
  • Improved balancing of capital ship defensive and offensive capabilities.
  • Improved balancing of capital ship use of boost during combat.
  • Improved balancing of capital ship crews bailing when ship is attacked.
  • Improved balancing of missiles.
  • Improved balancing of ware prices and production profitability to emphasize smart business decisions.
  • Improved target acquisition for ships, particularly when attacking stations or capital ships.
  • Improved command information shown by attacking ships when attacking a subcomponent of a bigger target.
  • Improved range over which ships that run out of ammo can look for a known equipment dock from which to re-stock.
  • Improved kinds of stations requested from station building missions.
  • Improved encyclopedia information for production and factions.
  • Improved Logical Station Overview to show station's recommended budget instead of the currently needed money in account settings.
  • Improved quickload hotkey (F9 by default) so it loads the latest saved game, not necessarily a quicksave.
  • Improved playback logic for music tracks from previous games.
  • Improved performance when working with very large stations.
  • Improved menu performance.
  • Improved trade evaluation for free traders.
  • Improved firing logic of missile-armed fighters.
  • Improved guided missile effectiveness.
  • Improved loadout distribution on NPC ships.
  • Improved combat movement of capital ships, particularly those with forward-mounted weapons.
  • Improved balancing of resource requirements for L and XL travel engines.

#2 housik


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Napisano 26 luty 2019 - 18:36

najbardziej mi się podoba:
"Added full Russian and Japanese localisation (text only)"
ciekawe od czego to zależy :)

#3 glouver


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Napisano 26 luty 2019 - 19:03

Wiesz,, Polska to już zachód więc ludzie nie mają czasu na dzieci, a co dopiero na gry ;p

Co innego Rosja lub Japonia.
W Rosji mają mnóstwo czasu i to jedyne okno na świat... internet..
W Japonii sami emeryci więc z nudów tłumaczą wszystko jak leci,, ot takie niby sudoku :)

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