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Patch 2.2

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#1 piotr111


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Napisano 18 marzec 2019 - 14:50

Nowy patch ( noty po barbarzyńsku)
  • New Feature (BETA): TrackIR support.
  • New Feature: Direct Mouse Steering mode (also known as Classic Mouse Steering or Boresight Steering).
  • New Feature: Mouse HUD mode option (changing this option to "Left Mouse Button Mode" enables any controls remapped to the right mouse button).
  • Added upgrade slot and dock information to ship encyclopedia entries.
  • Added resource amounts for construction to ship and equipment encyclopedia entries.
  • Added trade offer amount graphs to sector encyclopedia entries.
  • Added enforcement of formation skill requirement.
  • Added Radius to parameters for Protect Position.
  • Added Attack Targets in Range order.
  • Added player-owned shipyard tutorial.
  • Improved carriers launching fighters against targets.
  • Improved behaviour of station subordinate traders.
  • Improved time taken to generate mass traffic for extremely complex stations when loading savegames.
  • Improved subordinate handling in long distance movement.
  • Improved ship behaviour when docking at other moving ships.

#2 glouver


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Napisano 28 maj 2019 - 21:18

2.50 właśnie wyszedł........

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