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Patch 4.0 + DLC: Cradle of Humanity

DLC Patch X4

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Napisano 08 wrzesień 2020 - 10:07

No to więc (aby nadrobić zaległości):



Steam: https://store.steamp...anity/?l=polish


Later this year, X4: Cradle of Humanity will bring the X series back to Earth, significantly increasing the size of the game's universe with new sectors, and welcoming two Terran factions to X4: Foundations, along with their economy, ships, weapons and stations. New game-starts will introduce the identity and political stance of the Terran factions, as well as giving an alternative perspective on existing story developments in X4: Foundations.

X4: Cradle of Humanity will also shed light on what has happened to Earth in the decades since the jump-gate shutdown. Furthermore, a certain pirate faction that is well known to fans of the series will be making a dramatic comeback!

X4: Cradle of Humanity will be accompanied by the biggest free update to X4: Foundations yet. Update 4.0 will be made available to all owners of the base game and is set to further enhance X4: Foundations in a number of ways, including major new gameplay features (e.g. a new terraforming feature) and wide-ranging visual improvements (e.g. volumetric fog). Details of these, and on other new elements of the 4.0 update, will be disclosed at a later stage.

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Napisano 08 wrzesień 2020 - 13:27

Czekamy, niech się rozpręża x4

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